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Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Hand to Hand (Instructor Certification)

Duration: 3 Days
Class Size: Maximum 16 Participants
Course Description: Subject/Situation assessment and evaluation. Awareness and understanding of the basic concepts of pressure points, joint manipulation and the use of distractions. The participant will also be introduced to the fundamental principles for teaching gross-motor skilled techniques.
Eligibility: Primarily for Military personnel (other agencies may inquire re: customized courses).
Standards: Participants will understand and articulate the basic concepts for teaching gross-motor skilled techniques and effectively perform techniques taught in the CQC course.
Topics: Subject/Situation Awareness and Evaluation, Basic concepts of teaching Gross-Motor Skill Techniques and practical hands on training.
Dress Code: Gym Attire
Equipment Required: None Required
Special Notes: This is a physically demanding program.

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