MDC Law Enforcement Training Academy

At MDC we are committed to providing the best training opportunities for our First Responders. We are currently scheduling Winter and Spring sessions. If your agency may wish to host one of our non-lethal courses please let us know.

M.D. Charlton has been providing quality and essential specialized training ranging from Lethal to Less Lethal to Hand to Hand CQB to Police Special Operations Units, Corrections ERT and the Canadian Military Special Operation Units for over 25 years.

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Our Training Academy delivers Instructor Level Certification Courses in the following areas:

  • Tactical Baton Instructor Certification
  • CTS Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification (Flash Bangs, Gas, SIM's & Aerosols)
  • PepperBall Instructor Certification
  • Ballistic Breaching Instructor Certification
  • Tactical Shotgun Instructor Certification
  • Hand to Hand CQB Instructor Certification
  • Ballistic Shield Tactics/Instructor Certification
  • Sig Sauer Academy Classes
  • UTM ULtimate Training Munitions/Instructor Certification
  • Laser Technology/Speed Enforcement Certification

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