MD Charlton Training Academy For Military and Law Enforcement

CTS Chemical Munitions (Instructor Certification Course)

Duration: 1 Day
Course Description:
  • History and uses for chemical agents or riot control agents (RCA)
  • Identify the types of chemical agents
  • Describe the forms of chemical agents and methods of dissemination
  • Discuss the purpose of chemical agents
  • Explain the proper storage and maintenance of chemical agents
  • Discuss tactical considerations for deploying chemical agents
  • Demonstrate deployment procedures for crowd management and tactical deployment
  • Review available chemical agents and smoke from CTS
  • Review of launching platforms
    • Maintenance
    • Malfunction Drills
Eligibility: Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military Tactical Personnel

Participants must pass a written examination and demonstrate a level of proficiency on range activities.

Dress:  Tactical Dress
Equipment Required: Gas Masks, Nomex Gloves, Ear and Eye Protection