MD Charlton Training Academy For Military and Law Enforcement

BATON Instructor Certification Program

Duration: 2 Days
Class Size:  Maximum (20) Students
Course Description: The Tactical Baton is designed to be used as an impact weapon, not a come along device.  Techniques taught in the AIC program follow this standard.  The training incorporates drills which simulate the stress of street encounters.  By the end of the AIC program, participants will be prepared to instruct other law enforcement personnel in the operational use of the Tactical Baton.
Eligibility: Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military personnel only.  Participants must have completed the 8hr ABC program or have obtained baton certification through another training program.
Standards: Instructors must pass a written examination, a physical performance test and teaching skills evaluation.
Topics: Control Theory, Technical Characteristics of the Baton, Body Mechanics, Baton Training Terminology, Training Format, Basic Baton Skills and Baton Strikes.
Dress:  Gym clothing and running shoes
Equipment Required: None Required
Special Notes: Training is rigorous and physically demanding