MD Charlton Training Academy For Military and Law Enforcement

CTS Flash Bang (Instructor Certification Course)

Duration: 1 Day
Class Size:  Maximum 20 Participants
Course Description:

Course Training Objectives:

  • Discuss Types of Explosions
  • Primary and Secondary Effects of an Explosion
  • History and types of Diversionary Devices
  • Specifications of Model 7290 Flash Bang
  • Model 7200 Series Training System
  • M201 Fuze/Safety Data Sheet/Fuze Firing Sequence
  • Deployment of Flash Bang/Hang Fire. Misfire or Failure
  • Sound and Decibel Levels
  • Secondary Blast Pressure Effects
  • Instructor Checklist – Hands-on Training
  • ATF and DOT Regulations
  • Flash Bang Terms and Definitions
  • Specifications Sheets
  • Certification Test
Eligibility: Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military personnel only. 
Standards: Participants must pass a written examination and demonstrate a level of proficiency on range activities.
Dress:  Tactical Dress
Equipment Required: Gas Masks, Nomex Gloves, Ear and Eye Protection
Special Notes: Participants will be using live munitions and will be subjected to live munition exposure drills