MD Charlton Training Academy For Military and Law Enforcement

PepperBall Instructor Certification and or Armorer's Course

Duration: 1 Day
Class Size:  Maximum 20 Participants
Course Description:
  • Basic safety guidelines
  • Types of incidents for which PepperBall System should be considered
  • Targeting for accuracy and safety
  • Safe and efficient operation of the Custom Carbine Launcher
  • Various PepperBall projectiles for live application
  • Correct deployment distances for PepperBall projectiles
Eligibility: Participants must have a minimum of the basic PepperBall Users Certification. 
Standards: To develop student skills in the operation, deployment, application and maintenance of the PepperBall Launching System.

To give the students the tools and knowledge to design and instruct courses for their agency in the safe and effective use of the PepperBall System.
Dress:  BDU's
Equipment Required: Eye Protection